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Statement on Violence in Charlottesville, Virginia

The Society for Applied Anthropology strongly condemns the violence generated by racist hate groups in Charlottesville, VA. The values of SfAA include dignity, integrity, and worth of all peoples. We reaffirm our ongoing commitment to value human diversity in all its myriad forms, and we endorse the strong statement below issued by Ken Kimmell, President of the Union of Concerned Scientists:

“The racist rallies and bloodshed in Charlottesville this weekend are an echo of the darkest moments in American history. Extremists took to the streets in support of a racist and authoritarian ideology. Now, we have a duty to speak out against that ideology and its consequences. The bigotry and violence that threatened Charlottesville is unacceptable. 

The torches, the chants, the weapons and the violence on display by these white supremacists were meant to send a message. They say to black and Latino communities, to immigrants and to religious minorities: you are not safe here, you do not belong here. Our leaders, and all of civil society, need to be loud and clear as they reject that message. We must stand in solidarity with those targeted by the forces of bigotry that rose in Charlottesville. We need to be on the side of equity, inclusion and justice, not racism and terror. …”

According to its founding principles of using social science knowledge and methods for the well-being for all of humanity in its diversity and fostering cross-cultural and racial understanding, the Society for Applied Anthropology strongly condemns the violent demonstrations held in Charllotteville, Virginia, USA. Such hate filled rhetoric and action directed against minorities in American Society should not be tolerated and we as social scientists will continue in our work to combat it.

Alexander (Sandy) Ervin
Society for Applied Anthropology

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