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Hi All,

I am new to SfAA and I am seeking some advice. I have an interest in changing my career to Applied Anthropology. I currently hold a MS in Public Service Management, which is very similar to a MPA, but feel it would be beneficial to either get a second Masters and combine it with my current skills (I am currently a Planner for a small city) or just go for a PhD. My area of interest is definitely Cultural Anthropology and ideally I would like to work for a NGO, federal agency, or a consulting firm as a Cultural Adviser or something similar. I have some interest in research, but ideally I want to work (hands-on) with people at a global level.

Some concerns: Sometimes it seems as if a PhD is the logical choice. However, I am not looking to become a professor and I am concerned I will be viewed as "overqualified." On the other hand, is having two Masters a waste of time?

I have one last question. I found a great MA program in Cultural Anthropology that offers an Applied Anthro course, as well as other interesting courses in the city I live in. Do you believe I need to get a degree in Applied Anthro to work as an Applied Anthropologist or can I pursue a degree in Cultural Anthropology and just "apply" anthropological skills?

Thank you for your time

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