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International Women's Anthropology Conference (IWAC)

The International Women's Anthropology Conference (IWAC) is organizing a panel at the July 2018 meetings of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES). The topic of the panel is: "Women of Marginalized Social Groups Working to Empower Themselves." This is the abstract: This IUAES panel will consist of orally presented papers. Panelists will discuss challenges facing women of socially marginalized groups in multiple countries. Subjects will include indigenous women in South America, low caste women in South Asia, and socially marginalized women of other countries, depending on speakers’ availability. The emphasis will be on women’s advocacy groups and self-help organizations. The goal of the discussion is to consider ways that very low status women can and do strengthen their social position and claim their human rights, sharing the experiences of people of different countries. 

Co-convenors: Dr. Suzanne Hanchett and Dra. Jenniffer Simpson Languages of presentations: English (with Portuguese titled slides), Portuguese (with English titled slides) We need two or three panelists.

If you are interested, you must register for the IUAES meetings by November 15, 2017. Please send expressions of interest to: Dr. Suzanne Hanchett (slh109@caa.columbia.edu) with a short summary of your paper topic. IWAC website: www.planningalternatives.com/iwac-women

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