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Back in early December I posted an article on my POcentrist Blog addressing the problem of gun responsibility (AKA Gun Control) and applying an anthropological insight to the problem. You can find the posting at http://pocentrist.blogspot.com/2012/12/a-modest-proposal-market-sol.... The idea is that in the United States the attitude toward the GUN is complex and deeply rooted in regional and generational culture. Also there is a strong link between attitudes toward the role of government in GUN control and in regulating the economy.

Thus, I suggested that there might be a market solution (free enterprise) to gun control as an alternative to a government (socialist/totalitarian) approach. The paranoia we find in the gun debate calls for some approach which will separate the NRA position and the public's concern. Thus, as an applied anthropologist, I suggested that an insurance approach as a culturally acceptable alternative might be a solution.

Today I was very pleased to see that this idea is being considered by others as well. The New York Times carried the story,Buying a Gun? States Consider Insurance Rule.  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/22/us/in-gun-debate-a-bigger-role-se...

As a result of NRA lobbying successes the Federal Government is prevented from collecting, retaining or distributing information of GUN sales, ownership, etc. to the public and researchers. In terms of research on the GUN responsibility, the collection of the data that the insurance companies will need to determine the risks associated with gun ownership and to create a premium rate might overcome our current lack of real data on the ownership and effects of various features in the type and use of guns as well as the market for guns..

What are your thoughts? 

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