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ExtrACTION and Environment Sessions at SfAA

ExtrACTION and Environment Sessions and Roundtables

SfAA 2017

Most sessions: Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)



1)  (W-45) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50

Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)

Social and Ecological Relationships in Conservation and Change


FITZPATRICK, Brenda (UBC) Land, People and Change: Perspectives on a Hydroelectric Dam in Northeastern BC

LIU, Yurong (U Arizona) For the Common Good: Historical State-Society Relations Shape Different Notions of Fairness among Participants in Collaborative Afforestation in Rural China

RAYCRAFT, Justin (McGill U) Entangled Outcomes: Exploring Social and Ecological Interrelationships in Biodiversity Conservation

KRAUSE, Stefan M. (Beacon Coll) The 2014 Mitmit: Practicing Private Heritage in Yap State, FSM


2) (W-105) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20

Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)

Land, Water and Livelihood in Latin America

CHAIR: BASCOPÉ, Grace Lloyd (Maya Rsch Prog/BRIT)

SAUNDERS, Michael (Tulane U) Maya Spirituality and Socio-ecological Resilience

VITOUS, Crystal Ann (USF) Impacts of Tourism Development on the Livelihoods in Placencia Village, Belize

ODHNER, Rachel (Cornell U) Climate Change and the Precarity of Water in Nicaragua

RUBINO, Lily (WaterAid America) Indicator Efficacy: Anthropological Approaches to Evaluating Household Water Access in the Colombian Amazon

BASCOPÉ, Grace Lloyd (Maya Rsch Prog/BRIT) Ethnography and Conservation Botany: Community- Driven Student Projects in Yucatan, Mexico


3) (W-135) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20

Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)

Legal Routes: Defining Strategies for Defeating Extraction Projects

CHAIR: SIMONELLI, Jeanne (Wottsamatta U Consulting)

ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: O’DONNELL, Katherine (Hartwick Coll), SIMONELLI, Jeanne (Wottsamatta U Consulting), HERRMANN, Gretchen (SUNY Cortland), POWELL, Dana (Appalachian State U), MONTOYA, Teresa (NYU), TRIBAL CONSULTANT


4) (TH-15) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50

Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)

Extraction, Community Rights and Risk Assessment: Perspectives on Fracking, Mining and the Environment, Part I


CARRASCO, Anita (Luther Coll) The Pipelines of Chuquicamata Mine: Their Impacts on the Atacama Desert and Its Indigenous Inhabitants

MARIL, Lee and ASKAR, Anas (ECU) Controlling Potential Human Made Natural Disasters: The Case of Oklahoma Earthquakes, Hydraulic Fracturing, and State Regulation

OLSON, Ernest (Wells Coll) A River Runs Out of It

WIDENER, Patricia (FAU) Framing Impact and Mobilizing Resistance to Fracking in the Greater Everglades


5) (TH-45) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50

Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)

Extraction, Community Rights and Risk Assessment: Perspectives on Fracking, Mining and the Environment, Part II

CHAIR: RASCH, Elisabet (Wageningen U)

LUNDY, Morgan (U Arizona) The Environment: An Oilfield Perspective

SIMOES LASEVITZ, Rafael (U Montréal) Ethicogenesis and Development: Understanding the Dynamics of Community Splitting in the Case of a Quebec Open Pit Mine

RASCH, Elisabet and KOHNE, Michiel (Wageningen U) “We’re Not Activists, Just People Who Want to Solve a Problem”: Resistance and Identity in the Shale Gas Fields of the Noordoostpolder, The Netherlands

FOX, Gretchen (Fox Cultural Rsch) and WINNITOY, Keely (Certes Applied & Natural Sci) Cultural Impact Assessment: Addressing the Research Divide between Indigenous and Industry Approaches in Canada


6) (TH-75) THURSDAY 12:00-1:20

Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)

Disciplines of Extraction: Critiques Of and Alternatives To Hegemonic Archaeology

CHAIR: DE LONEY, Marguerite L. (Stanford U)

ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: DE LONEY, Marguerite L. (Stanford U), COCKRELL, Bryan (Dumbarton Oaks), ESCONTRIAS, Pilar M. (Northwestern U)


7) (TH-105) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20

Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)

Extraction Policy in the US: Making Sense of How Communities Engage the Mining, Oil, and Gas Policy Landscape, Part I


WILSON, Susan L. (NMSU) Policy and Environmental Aspects of Fracking in the Oil and Gas Industry: Local Economic Effects

AUSTIN, Diane (U Arizona) The Environmental Impact Statement: Opportunities and Limitations for Community Participation in Offshore Oil and Gas Development in the 21st Century

MACLENNAN, Carol (MTU) Fragmented Mining Policy and the Frustration of Citizen Engagement

BOGLIOLI, Marc (Drew U) Mineral Primacy and Neoliberal Extraction Regulation

DISCUSSANT: SIMONELLI, Jeanne (Wottsamatta U Consulting)


8) (TH-135) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20

Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)

PEARSON, Thomas (UW-Stout) Citizen Efforts to Regulate Mining at the Local Level: Lessons from Wisconsin’s Frac Sand Counties

MCKENNA, Brian (UM-Dearborn) Ban Michigan Fracking: The Role of Academic Civic Engagement and Activist Anthropology

KIDECKEL, David (CCSU) Tree Huggers and Friends of Coal: Contradictions in Interpretation Of and Response To Mountain Top Removal in Southern West Virginia



9) (F-45) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50

Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)

Land, Water, and Agroecology: Strategies for Surviving and Reviving


PALMER, Andie (U Alberta) Indigenous Water Rights in Western Canada and Aotearoa New Zealand

ANDERSON-LAZO, AL and PICCIANO, Lorette (Rural Coalition) Agroecological Knowledges and Technologies of Rural Resilience in the Age of Extraction: Food, Land, and Water Rights in Community-Driven Development

HAANSTAD, Eric (U Notre Dame) Security Ambiguities of a Collaborative Ecosystem Project in a Revitalizing City

SCHUMAN, Andrea F. (Ctr for Sci & Soc Studies) Colonizing the Future in the Mexican Southeast

FAUST, Betty (CICY) Restoration of an Ancient Maya Canal as a Socio-Ecological System





10) (F-49) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50

Lamy (Drury)


EMBREY, Gayle and DRINKER, Susan G. (Film Producers) Battlement Mesa

EMBREY, Gayle and DRINKER, Susan G. (Film Producers) Beyond the Walls


11)  (F-75) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20

Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)

ExtrACTION TIG Business Meeting & Capstone: ExtrAction in the Trump Years


12) (F-105) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20

Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)

Rights, Place, and Development: Who Gets to Choose?

CHAIR: AUSTIN, Rebecca L. (Fort Lewis Coll)

DUNSTAN, Adam (UNT) Sacred Sites and Human Rights from the San Francisco Peaks to Standing Rock

LOEWE, Ronald (CSULB) Of Sacred Sites and Mineral Rights: Current Battles in a Longstanding War

TOLBERT, Sarah and BIKABA, Dominique (Strong Roots) The Gorilla at the Gate

TORNABENE, Sara (U Memphis) Whose Idea of Development Count?

AUSTIN, Rebecca L. (Fort Lewis Coll) and BENGSTON, Ginny (Applied Cultural Ecology LLC) NEPA, Cultural Attachment, Sense of Place and Rural Landscapes in Appalachia: The Case of Mountain Valley Pipeline                              

13) (F-165) FRIDAY 5:30-6:50

Chaco West (Inn at Loretto)

Evaluating Conservation Outcomes

CHAIR: NYSSA, Zoe (Purdue U) NYSSA, Zoe (Purdue U) “Conservation Isn’t Happening Here”: A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis of Negative Environmental Outcomes

MAZUMDAR, Lipika (U Pitt-Greensburg) Rehabilitating the Urban Jungle: Wild Animals and Volunteers in the City

SAKAI, Risako (U Memphis) Overcoming Academic Boundaries: Are Interdisciplinary Approaches between Natural and Social Sciences More Effective Conservation?

GUNDERSON, Lara (UNM) Demonstrating New Directions: Nicaragua’s Contemporary Christian Base Communities


14)  (S-31) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50

Ballroom South (La Fonda)

Water: Access and Adaptation


ESCOBEDO GARCIA, Nataly (CSULA) Thirst in the Valley: An Oral History of the Central Valley Water Project in El Porvenir and Cantua Creek, California

MILLER, Elizabeth (UNT) Stakeholder Identification Using Q Methodology: Implications for Adaptive Water Resources Management and Adaptive Governance

SULLIVAN, Abigail, WHITE, Dave, and HIRT, Paul (ASU) Using Historic Water Management Transitions in the Colorado River Basin to Inform Sustainability Transition Efforts towards Water Sensitive Cities

VEDWAN, Neeraj (Montclair State U) Shifting Perceptions of Drinking Water in Urban India: Delocalization of the Environmental Discourse and Its Implications




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