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Ditch the High-Flow Showerhead: Anthropology's Water Conservation Effort

Water is everywhere. It moves downward with a trickle in the Amazon rain forest and comes together in rivers. It runs under our cities, consolidates at dams and it sent into systems for irrigation. We collect it in little plastic bottles and pump it out of deep wells. It's a pert of our institutions and makes up a significant part of every live thing, including ourselves. Cultural Anthropology has for the most part taken water for granted, that is, until recent times. Was water too ordinary of a topic for a study of cultural difference? In the past decade, we have begun to see a rising interest in water in both the general public and in the field of Cultural Anthropology. Now water is fast becoming a matter of important concern among leaders of both communities and corporations. 

There's an effort among a growing number anthropologists to help create an awareness of our water consumption as individuals as well as entire societies, and it's impact on the surrounding environment. This effort has shared goals to ensure that our societies will have adequate water supplies in the future. This includes giving everyone the facts about our current rates of water consumption as a society, as well as advocating action among individuals to conserve water, as well as providing them information on how to accomplish this. 

Water Conservation Tips:

  • Fix water leaks at the taps. water from the taps.
  • Don't let the water run when brushing your teeth.
  • Capture rain water and use it to water plants.
  • Inspect your home for hidden water leaks.
  • Promote the education of water conservation.
  • Replace your old high-flow shower head with a new efficient low-flow shower head. high flow showerhead
  • Any unused water should be used to water plants or flush the toilet.
  • When bathing, use the minimum amount.
  • Replace your old high-flow toilet with a new efficient low-flow toilet.
  • Reduce lawn watering, and only water outdoors in the early morning.
  • Clean the patio, driveways and sidewalks with a broom.
  • When washing your auto, use a bucket instead of a hose.
  • Wash only full loads in the clothes washing and dishwasher.

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