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Can we have two small discussion groups instead of few small ones at SfAA meeting?

Hello Dr. Wolfe,
I hope all is well. Congratulate you on your hard work. The community is growing. Many people are sign in. For example Frank Kwabena in Ghana, Africa. There are many Anthropologists out there. 

I would like to learn more about the discussion group or groups at SfAA 2015 annual meeting.  I attended the SfAA annual meeting this year, 2014 in New Mexico, I did not hear about social network small meetings.  I congratulate Dr. Wolfe on receive Life Time Rewards at SfAA annual meeting in New Mexico. 

Dear Dr. Wolfe, Congratulations!!



 Thank you.

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Comment by Alvin W Wolfe on July 11, 2014 at 8:33pm
Annie, It is good to hear from you, but I still think that although you are a member of the SfAA Community Network you have not properly joined my group entitled Applying Anthropology to Supranational Networks. For some reason that I have not yet figured out many people who want to join have not yet been able to do so. Try again, under the category of Groups. John Stone is a member, and I know you have also communicated to him, but not through the Applying Anthropology to Supranational Networks Group, only through the SfAA Community.
Also, I noticed that you are a member with two names Annie Ngana Mundeke, this page, and another where the Ngana-Mundeke is hyphenated. Perhaps you shoud try to get rid of one of those bedause that will confuse everybody.
Comment by Annie Ngana Mundeke on July 12, 2014 at 1:52pm

Dear Dr. Wolfe,

Hello again!

Thank you so very much for sending me an email.  I am always glad to hear from you. I am not sure why I haven't been able to to join your group, Applying Anthropology to Supranational Networks.  I will check on this next week. I will do my best to figure out what is blocking me from joining.  I will also take care of the hyphenated name issue.  

Annie Ngana-Mundeke is the best way to spell my name because it carries my aunt's name "Ngana Anastasie"  and my father's name, " Mundeke Yakalenge Albert."  I was named after my aunt and later my father advised that each of his children added his name Mundeke to whatever name they were given when they were born so that they stay connected by his name when they travel.  You know how in most African cultures the baby's name is important  and may reveal connections, social links, and the social networks of parents, friends and relatives. It's true!  I really cherished the name Ngana.

 PS.  Hey,  Dr. Wolfe,do you remember the story you and Barbara, Mrs,.Wolfe shared with me about some of your  experiences during your internship in Congo in the 1950's.  (You said that when you were a young student doing internship in Congo,one of your informants went in labor and you decided to drive her and her husband to the hospital;  As they brought her to the car, you realized that there were more relatives who wanted to go with her, but your car was too small could not take more passengers.  :)

I may not remember the details of the story, but I seems that as a young student  in Congo among the N' gombe ethnic group, you experienced some cultural shock due to the large social networks of relatives, friends and neighbors among the N'gombe.  Now, it is good you are one of the few experts who have mastered the concepts of Social Network Analysis in the United States and in the world!  That's great! Congrats Dr. Wolfe.

PS. I will join Applying Anthropology to Supranational Networks.  God bless.                                                Sincerely,

Annie Ngana-Mundeke



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