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The Society will convene the 76th Annual Meeting at a site in the northwest (Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland are under consideration), in late March of 2016.  The Officers and Board of Directors plan to review nominations and select a Program Chair by March of 2015.


With Board approval, the Program Chair develops the theme for the Program  and selects the members of the Program Committee.  The Program Chair (with the Committee) is responsible for selecting the abstracts that are included in the Program, and thereby has the opportunity to influence significantly the focus and direction of the content of the annual meeting.


The SfAA Office provides staff support for the Program Chair and Committee.  In addition, the Chair will have a small budget for office services.


The Board invites statements from individuals who are interested in the position of Program Chair.  This statement should include a description of prior experience with program planning, evidence of experience/ability to manage and coordinate the activities of colleagues and some indication of the extent and type of institutional support that would be available.  The deadline for receipt of this statement in the SfAA Office is March 15. Please direct any questions to the SfAA Office at:


P.O. Box 2436

Oklahoma City, OK 73101

(405) 843-5113



Interested individuals may wish to talk to prior Program Chairs. The following individuals have directed recent annual meetings:


Prof. Bill Roberts, 2012 Baltimore, “Bays, Boundaries, and Borders”


Prof. Erve Chambers, 2014, Albuquerque, “Destinations”.



You may obtain from the SfAA Office the telephone or e-mail address for these individuals.


Please contact the SfAA Office if you are interested and/or plan to apply for the position of Program Chair

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