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Anthropology Dissertation: Possible Options to Consider

The study of human being as a cultural phenomenon is conducted by a science known as anthropology. The thing that differs us from each other is our culture and our tradition. It is not our genetic code but rather the society that makes us the way we are. Therefore, in an anthropology dissertation you can explore the cultural diversity in our world. Read on and find some handy ideas on writing an anthropology dissertation!

Anthropology Dissertation: What to Write about

An anthropology dissertation will surely be focused on cultural norms and standards of certain societies. Culture is a complex phenomenon which involves traditions, religion, and world images of people all around the globe. Therefore, you may choose from a widest range of topics, e.g.:

  1. places of the greatest concentration of various cultures;
  2. cross-cultural issues in business;
  3. reasons for and solutions to cross-cultural conflicts;
  4. necessity for preservation or elimination of cultural diversity; etc.

Anthropology Dissertation: Where to Find Information

Anthropology studies diversity, which is a topic discussed both among the specialists and the general public. Therefore, you can find appropriate sources for your anthropology dissertation in not only in specialized literature but also in everyday life. Consider the following options:

  • articles in peer-reviewed journals on anthropology;
  • studies in anthropology published in specialized online databases;
  • newspaper and magazine articles on anthropology topics;
  • real life experience of facing cultural diversity issues; etc.

Anthropology Dissertation: How to Put It All Together

Having defined the major focus of your dissertation and found the necessary information, get down to writing your paper. Since it is necessary to arrange your ideas in an orderly way, consider the following tips for your anthropology dissertation:

  1. think of the argument you want to make in your anthropology dissertation: is it description, comparison and contrast, or proving a point?
  2. think of the supporting ideas that can illustrate your points;
  3. find appropriate examples to make your ideas more clear.

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