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This is the first of many blogs from my undergraduate experience to (maybe) forever.
In many cultures, self-discovery is explored through individual (micro) and society (macro), obviously not mutually exclusive. Methods can range from religious ceremonies of mind-altering substances (yummy), reading literature, or simply empiricially learning within the parameters of society. The combination of these three elements help suffice my existence but I'm learning that my existence means nothing to the larger complex social structure, momentarily. How do I intergrate techniques of rational, free-thinking philosophy into the world today, without damaging individuals or a society? It takes the self-discovery through macro and micro elements to implement harm-free social change; further it has to benefit everyone, creating social solidarity that hippies share; peace, love, happiness through tolerance.
However, I cannot tolerate the American Government's globalization policies because not only are we creating inequalities in different countries but rather, inequalities socioeconomically in America that are bad to begin with! Jeeez... so sleezy these power elites. I do not neccessarily object to capitalism as an economy, but what I do disagree the conduction of 4 main principles: private ownership of the means of production, free competetion, self-interest and profit motive as the major economic incentive, and capital accumulation.
Private Poperty... as a means of production... ok "touche.'" However, why does it have to be so corrupt Globally and even domestically? The Net incomes are outrageous, what is losing 40 million dollars really due to your family and house if you are making 60 million dollars? Can't "help a brother or sister out" especially with the current living conditions?
Very strange and is it power that dictates our lives... well then human thought is static and fixed. I'm not going to accept that.
I guess there are certain laws that help the citizens, but why not help ALL citizens?
My Imagination: evolution of thought among power elites, tolerance of difference, interchanging and exchanging of ideas in and outside of institutions with no consequences, a healthy 'organic' world, defy functionalist thought for once (haha).
That would be exciting and it might be the job of anthropologists to educate our communities in aiding the world.

wow 28 days till my birthday!

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