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I am currently at the end of a short piece of research in Oaxaca, Mexico with funding from the NSF. The project, The role of crises in migration outcomes: rural Oaxacans and politics in Oaxaca City, Mexico, is an investigation into the impacts of last year's unrest (strikes, violence, economic chaos) on rural communities. So, working in three pueblos

a suburban bedroom community for Oaxaca-but also an independent town
a craft producing town
a rural, agrarian town

I focus on the response to events of last year. I won't identify the towns as the opinions range from supportive of the APPO and strikers to highly critical of the APPO and the strikers.

Soon, I should have a more complete review of events and outcomes for the communities. But what is clear is that for most of the people in these towns, the strikes have left them without or unable to find work. For some, like the craft producers, the economy has collapsed, for others, they must cope with the blockades and decline in tourism in the city (this is partciularly true for the suburban dwellers).

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