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6 Benefits of Studying Anthropology

Anthropology mainly focuses on the study of human behavior. It allows you to dissect interesting topics such as cultures, evolution and social relations. If you are not yet decided on what to take as your major in college, you may take these advantages and consider studying anthropology.

Here are some personal and professional benefits of studying anthropology:

1. Learning anthropology will help you grow intellectually because you will be able to learn the basic assumption of human being about life. You will surely ask yourself the basic assumptions of life. Such as what makes a person beautiful and many other things that sometimes people took for granted.

2. Another personal advantage is that you will become more interested about different norms and cultures. And upon studying these differences, you will be able to appreciate them one by one. Appreciating beliefs, ideas, and practices will teach you to be grateful for the knowledge that you have.

3. If you are just studying anthropology, but you are not interested in being an anthropologist, well that is just fine. Because you can also use your learning when you are in a company and working. Because you now know how to appreciate people, you will be more sensitive of their feelings, beliefs, and cultures. It will be easier for you to interact with them and understand their interest and needs. You will be more aware of your environment and you will become more careful with your words and actions because you are already equipped with knowledge.

4. It will also be easier for you to work abroad if you have plans of doing so. Why? Because you will no longer experience culture shock. You now understand others culture and you know how to respect it. Engaging with foreign people will be not difficult for you anymore. You can be more efficient in communicating with them because you have already studied their ideas, values, and norms. You can easily adapt to their environment.

5. If you want to be in the path of humanitarian work and advertising in the future, studying anthropology would be the best for you. These diverse professions need you to be adaptable, exploring, and evolving. And learning anthropology can give you those things. Studying anthropology is about social contexts and physical interactions. And these are the things that you need to know when you want to adapt to change.

6. There are so many fields of anthropology that you can choose from. It is one of the many advantages of studying this thing. You can choose from development anthropology that tackles effectiveness of social actions towards social issues and development. There is also an economic anthropology that analyzes and discusses human's production and consumption within cultural contexts. Another one is medical anthropology, which studies health care systems and practices.

Education is not just about writing dissertation, essay, or thesis papers. It is also about applying what we are learning. Take the opportunity to apply your knowledge and make every learning count. You may not know what anthropology can give you. But this course, knows what to give you as a student who will decide to take it as a part of his education and life.

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