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4 Amazing Ways for Kids to Love Writing

Writing is the best outlet for young minds to express their creativity, imagination, and curiosity. And as parents and guardians of your children, you wanted them to discover their interest in writing. But the problem is, some of the children are having a difficult time in jotting down their thoughts and opinions.

Encourage your kids to write at an early age and let them know that writing is fun through these smart ways:

1. Play some writing games.
One of the best things to make writing more appealing to kids is by having fun while doing it. Try to incorporate some fun activities like writing games. Do you know the grapevine game? It is a game where you will whisper something to another person and will deliver it to the next person until the last player tells the story out loud.

You can also do it in writing, but yes, you need a group of kids. It goes like this in a writing game, you write a sentence in a paper and pass it to the next kid. The child will change one word in the sentence. Players will keep on changing one word until it reaches the last participant. You will see how these children will be amazed at how the sentence or story changed.

2. Encourage and praise their output.
Support and encouragement with your child's ability to write can make a big difference. Make it a habit to praise them whenever they do good in school in their writing subjects. Point out what is best in the aspect of their writing and always remind them of the room for improvements.

Help them if you see that they are having a difficult time in their writing assignments. Your effort in helping them makes them realize that they are not alone. They will also enjoy writing when you are there to help, it is may become Giving positive remarks with their works will let help to boost their confidence.

3. Give them books and let them do a review.
Another things to make them interested in writing is to let them read a lot of books. Give them readings that might be entertaining to them. And then, ask them to give their reaction about the story through writing. It is one of the effective ways to let them love writing.

4. Let them write in their own creative way.
The creative juices of your child will come out if you let them write about the things that interests them. It may be their personal experiences or things that they want to explore. Allow them to explore writing, permit them to commit mistakes and learn on their own. Let them have their own style in writing.

Let your kid learn and let them learn from you! Be a good model when it comes to writing and inspire them to write more. Show the children of today that writing is essential for all ages.

About the Author:
She loves writing and exploring. Naomi Witter is an explorer by heart who wants to travel the world while earning money from writing best essays. She's currently a junior Journalism student and is a freelance online contributor.

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