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Who is today teaching anthropology at the High School Level?

Back in 1979, as one of the conclusions of my dissertation about the future of anthropology as a profession, I included high school teaching of anthropology as a potential market for BA and MA anthropology graduates.…


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What is your legacy and where is it?

What are you doing to preserve and archive your applied work for future generations?  So of us who have or who are at that point in life and career when we want to "shorten up" face this problem. This is especially true for those of us who do not have an academic home or base for our work product and have not producer the usual recorded of academic publications, yet have made contributions to the development and application of anthropological science and theory to real problems



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Insurance and Gun Responsibility

Back in early December I posted an article on my POcentrist Blog addressing the problem of gun responsibility (AKA Gun Control) and applying an anthropological insight to the problem. You can find the posting at http://pocentrist.blogspot.com/2012/12/a-modest-proposal-market-solution-to.html. The idea is that in the United States the attitude toward the GUN is complex and deeply rooted in regional…


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Man the Tool maker and Gun Control

Thoughts about the role of technology and gun control policy


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"What does the applied ethnographer need to know about business?"

http://thesuperorganic.blogspot.com/2012/01/what-business-needs-to-know-from.html ). But there is a complementary side to the question. "What does the applied ethnographer need to know about business?" I feel that it is more important, or at least equally important, to address this problem from the anthropologist/ethnographer perspective. In particular, the status/role that the applied ethnographer is required to occupy and play in the business context. That is the…


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We often think that an "applied anthropology" is a recent development in the evolution of anthropology as a discipline and science. The Society for Applied Anthropology, for example, was founded in the early 1940s in Washington and Boston. But the essence of what is applied anthropology precedes the SfAA. Conrad Reining in a paper, entitled, "A Lost Period of Applied Anthropology" published in American Anthropologist,( 64:593-600, 1962) finds that…


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Salvage Ethnography never ends

 One of the chief motivators for the development of ethnography, in the American experience, has been the desire to record the histories of non-literate societies before those societies and their cultures became extinct. In the 19th century, this concern was due to the incursions of western civilization and the affects of acculturation on these societies. Today, such a noble enterprise is seen as passe, especially in the light of globalization. Besides, except for New Guinea and the Amazon…


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How the American Anthropological Association got Ethics wrong

For more than 40 years (1970 - 2010), the American Anthropological Association has struggled with the question of professional ethics. In the early 1990s, the Executive Board of the AAA established a Commission to look into the question of professional ethics. "The AAA Executive Board charged the…


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Applied Ethics -- Case # 1 The Special Government Employee

Professional ethics are applied ethics and thus can vary depending on situations and relative rights and responsibilities that arise in the course of one's job or professional activity. Here is an example of such a case of applied ethics that you, as an anthropologist might encounter.


Special Government…


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Privacy in a Social Networked World -- Recent posting to the SuperOrganic Blog

What do social media and networking mean for the ethics of business anthropology and the AAA and SfAa codes of professional ethics and practices -- especially as these relate to the Common Rule and the distinction between academic basic research and the applied business anthropologist?


See The Superorganic

Anthropological Ethics…


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Transfer Pricing

Just published a posting on The Superorganic blog discussing transfer pricing as an important concept in the understanding of the corporation operating in multiple tax jurisdictions.

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What every applied and business anthropologist should learn about money!

In a recent question posed in the Systems Thinking World interest group on LinkedIn, I was struck by what I consider to be an area missing in the standard training of an applied anthropologist. This training gap applies specifically to a problem such…

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Personal Reflections of a Business Anthropologist

  What does it mean to be an Applied Anthropologist?    

      For me it has meant a very exciting and challenging life. It has been a life filled with mood swings from the joys of a successful project to the despair that comes with the realization that you can't change the world. It is to learn that my anthropological training has given me a conceptual framework that works to solve human problems -- those impacting people and those…


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What does it take to be an applied anthropologist?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what it means to be an applied anthropologist and what it means to be a professional anthropologist. It is a question which has concerned me for more than 30 years. It is question which has lead to an interesting discussion at the NAPA site on…


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