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Patricia Whelehan's (SUNY-Potsdam) undergraduate HIV text, "The Anthropology of AIDS: A Global Perspective" was published by the University Press of Florida in April 2009.

Anne Bolin (Elon University) and Patricia Whelehan (SUNY Potsdam) have had their new human sexuality text, "Human Sexuality. Biological, Psychological and Cultural Perspectives," published by Taylor-Francis/Routledge in April 2009.

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Scoping the Amazon: Image, Icon, and Ethnography - Book Review

Since the founding of anthropology as a social science in the late 19th century up through the end of the 20th century, the field has been one of the primary brokers of culture and the industry that surrounds it. Beginning with the founding “fathers” of the field and their desire to define culture and its subsequent particulars, up until recently with struggles over identity and who has the right to define that identity, anthropology has played a major role. This is particularly true in… Continue

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Environmental Assessment and First Nations: A Resource Handbook

Environmental Assessment And Saskatchewan's First Nations: A Resource Handbook

Christa Rust, and Brenda McLeod, 2008

i. About the Handbook

This handbook was developed to assist in building capacity and improving the overall… Continue

Added by Peter N. Jones on March 8, 2009 at 8:34am — 1 Comment

Review: The Recovery of Native American Space in the Northeast

The Common Pot: The Recovery of Native Space in the Northeast (Indigenous Americas)

Lisa Brooks


University of Minnesota Press

One of the most contentious issues facing indigenous peoples around the world today is the fight to maintain a… Continue

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Cultural Contact and Linguistic Relativity in Northwestern California

Cultural Contact and Linguistic Relativity Among the Indians of Northwestern California

Sean O’Neill


University of Oklahoma Press

One of the most perplexing problems in the field of anthropology over the… Continue

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Book Review: Reinventing the Lacandon of Mexico

I just did a review of Brian Gollnicks new book "Reinventing the Lacandon" which may be of interest to some people. The short review can be found on the Indigenous Peoples Issues Today site, while the entire review is on the main… Continue

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Concentration in Heritage Studies at USF

The Department of Anthropology at the University of South Florida (http://anthropology.usf.edu) announces a new Concentration in Heritage Studies. This concentration, which joins existing ones in cultural resource management and biocultural medical anthropology, allows graduate students to create a focused plan of study around issues in cultural heritage preservation, interpretation, and representation. Students in this concentration will learn to identify, document, and critically interpret… Continue

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the first of many

This is the first of many blogs from my undergraduate experience to (maybe) forever.


In many cultures, self-discovery is explored through individual (micro) and society (macro), obviously not mutually exclusive. Methods can range from religious ceremonies of mind-altering substances (yummy), reading literature, or simply empiricially learning within the parameters of society. The combination of these three elements help suffice my existence but I'm learning that my… Continue

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Saudi Arabia

Go check out the pics from my visit to Saudi Arabia. I went in May 2007 as part of a delegation of six graduate students and two profs (Dr. Ann Jordan and Dr. Doug Henry). We visited three regions, saw two major bodies of water, The Red Sea and the "Arabian" Gulf, and met tons of new friends. Amazing!

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Elecciones en Guate!!

Unos dice quenos pusieron a escoger entre dos enfermedades graves, que queremos? PP o UNE?
Pero mas antropológicamente, que pasó con la candidatura de Rigoberta?
Será que los antropólog@s hemos creado un mito de la comunidad Maya unificada?

Added by David R Garcia on September 21, 2007 at 9:17am — 1 Comment

working paper

Finally, an update-if you are interested in reading more about my take on the rural response to events in Oaxaca you can! There is a working paper at CCIS (Center for Comparative Immigration Studies) at the University of California, San Diego. In the paper I present preliminary data on research in three communities and argue that for most rural Oaxacans last year's strikes and violence have had a negative impact, and this is particularly so for artisans who are dependent on… Continue

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Update on dissert process: Committee meeting on 6/8 went well!

The meeting with my committee was very productive - comments were provided, clarified and I have a plan for making revisions to the document. Looks like I can defend during the first week of September; could have been earlier, but the anthro dept won't be back until after the fall term starts, so...in the meantime, PLENTY to do!

As it stands I'll be in Michigan until 6/14, then back in Florida until 6/26, back to Michigan until I get a firm defense date. It's just easier to get…


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The process continues: back to Michigan...

It's been really nice to be home for a few weeks; things seems almost "normal." On Friday I meet with my committee to hear comments on the complete draft of my dissertation. I should know after that meeting whether I'll be able to defend by the end of the summer term (7/31).

Lots of work and lots of changes ahead!

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New Developments

From film to DVD-Rom. I'm probably bringing on a world of pain by doing this, but I've decided to pursue the tourism in China film project as a multi-media ethnography. It seems that doing it as a film requires cutting too much away. And, as the project is against the very idea of narrative closure, DVD-Rom offers more possibilities in relation to presenting multi-faceted, multi-layered, collaborative ethnography. Now I just have to learn Macromedia programming to make it happen ...…


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My recent paper for SfAA, "Opium Poppy Cultivation in Central Helmand, Afghanistan: A Case Study in Bad Program Management", outlines my primary focus these days. All comments appreciated. In the rec…

My recent paper for SfAA, "Opium Poppy Cultivation in Central Helmand, Afghanistan: A Case Study in Bad Program Management", outlines my primary focus these days. All comments appreciated.

In the recent panels on "Working with Government Agencies" it was surprising to learn that no one attending apparently had ever heard of the Social Soundness Analysis that was a required part of all USAID project papers, at least in Asia, through at least the 1980s. Anyone out there ever heard of… Continue

Added by rbscott on May 24, 2007 at 1:51pm — 2 Comments

Loss of international students in past few years?

I have lived in Europe for more than five years. In addition, I am a Marine who served in Vietnam. Thus, I have deeply felt convictions about our losses in Afghanistan & Iraq, both from personal experience & the media. However, I think most of the young of the world are more concerned about the ease of international studies, than these political matters. However, with regard to three global regions I sense a major loss of students for reason of ideology: from Latin America, from Eastern… Continue

Added by James Wallace 'Bim' Beckman on May 11, 2007 at 10:13am — No Comments

children and insects

During my research this year, I discovered how amazing it is to evaluate children knowledge about insects and how sad children can be when their favorite plants are threatened by insects.

Added by Rose Fagbemissi on May 11, 2007 at 8:16am — No Comments

Medical Anthropologists in non-academic health/humanitarian working

I am a graduate research assistant for Dr. Carl Kendall. Dr. Kendall and I are working on a book chapter focusing on medical anthropology and international (health focused) humanitarian aid. I am trying to compile a list of medical anthropologists involved in non-academic international health-related work (this does not mean they can not hold academic positions). I are particularly interested in identifying medical anthropologists who may not be publishing in peer-review journals but rather are… Continue

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Oaxaca Research

I am currently at the end of a short piece of research in Oaxaca, Mexico with funding from the NSF. The project, The role of crises in

migration outcomes: rural Oaxacans and politics in Oaxaca City, Mexico,
is an investigation into the impacts of last year's unrest (strikes, violence, economic chaos) on rural communities. So, working in three pueblos

a suburban bedroom community for Oaxaca-but also an independent town

a craft producing town

a rural,… Continue

Added by Jeffrey H. Cohen on May 8, 2007 at 11:21am — No Comments

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