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April 2017 Blog Posts (7)

Taking Stock – the NGO Summer Institute, from May 15 to 19:

The January 2010 earthquake was only the beginning of putting Haiti on the international map. After the whirlwind of donations and temporary aid workers fizzled, those who remained behind were left with questions unanswered. What lessons can we draw from one of the world’s largest humanitarian efforts ever mounted? Were they applied in Hurricane Matthew, which devastated large segments of rural Haiti in October of last year?

Northern Illinois University’s Center for NGO Leadership…


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Role of Sericulturists in the Development of a Village: An Anthropological Case from Post-Green Revolution South India

Sericulture has become one of the important means of livelihood for the majority of the farmers in South India, especially in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Karnataka, known as the ‘Silk Bowl of India’, occupies the top spot in producing mulberry silk in the country. Andhra Pradesh comes second in mulberry silk production in the country. Both these states have fiercely competed in mulberry silk production, which is a good sign for the sericulturists of these states. It is argued here that the…


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Lift Irrigation Schemes in Andhra Pradesh: Technology as a Boon or a Bane?

Despite efforts by the Indian state to develop and maintain various irrigation strategies, many projects have not achieved the desired results, often due to systemic problems inherent in these initiatives. Meanwhile, the growing scarcity of water in South Asia propels new thinking about remedies. Based on detailed fieldwork, this article, which seems at first completely unrelated to matters of caste discrimination, assesses the sustainability of lift irrigation schemes (LIS) in Andhra…


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Marginal Communities in Drought-prone Regions: The Role of NGOs in Watershed Development in South India

In the last few years a participatory watershed program is being implemented in the state of Andhra Pradesh. At present, the Andhra Pradesh Rural Livelihoods Project (APRLP) seeks to scale up the ongoing watershed program activities in the state by providing support in the areas of capacity building, livelihood support, and the provision of other schemes and services to the persons and organizations involved. This article is the outcome of the writer’s field work in Andhra Pradesh. Using a…


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Emergence of Subjectivity Formations: Social- Anthropological Discourses from India

The Independence movement- as well as its subsequent debates- is one of the most documented events in India, in which the questions of identity and subjectivity of the country and its people were the pillar of the movement. Those questions are still relevant in contemporary India as the introduction of neo-liberal policies in the 1990s have changed the position of India globally and has altered the working and living conditions…


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Globalization and People at the Margins:Experiences from the Global South

This JDS special issue on ‘Globalization and People at the Margins’ provides an interdisciplinary examination of the effects of globalization on the dispossessed, the marginal, and the excluded sectors of the population. In general, the articles in this issue reveal that the market-oriented development strategies associated with globalization have adversely affected the livelihoods of India’s marginalized people. The issue also reveals how certain civil society organizations in India have…


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SfAA supports the March for Science, Saturday, April 22

SfAA is partnering with the March for Science to support its mission: “…robustly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. We unite as a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for science that upholds the common good and for political leaders and policy makers to enact evidence based policies in the public interest.” 

The main march will take place in Washington, D.C. For satellite marches in other cities. Check:…


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