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Impacts, Engagements and Alternative Futures 2017

Call for Sessions and presentations for Society for Applied Anthropology

SfAA 2017, Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 27-April 1



This year’s SfAA meeting will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Known as the Land of Enchantment, the state also is home to the  Four Corners methane leak, the still gold-spill contaminated Animas River and the fracked families surrounding the Chaco Canyon Historical Park. ExtrACTION invites you to join us in this land of contradiction, where beauty, culture and history combine in a complicated environment for the future.


The past century has seen an unprecedented level of social and environmental transformation, inextricably bound to new extreme forms of resource extraction. These are now being pushed into regions that could not be mined or drilled in the past, to extract more dilute, remote, and deeper formations. As in New Mexico, the general public has been prevented from witnessing the long history of exploitation in communities and regions that face the daily challenges of extractive industries.


Yet, even as ever-increasing populations and landscapes are subject to the hazards of extreme forms of extraction and the mechanisms of extraction governance and accountability remain weak and fragmented public awareness and activism has grown in a time of climate change and popular support for sustainable living. While the impacts and implications of extraction are locally and regionally specific, shared historical and contemporary processes structure and define emerging responses on a global scale. As world citizens encounter multiple, often cumulative, forms of extreme extraction, their experiences and responses are shaped by local land use histories, socioeconomically driven patterns of risk and vulnerability, possibilities for political resistance, and diversely imagined alternative futures. At-risk communities are challenging systemic injustices, not only in spaces historically associated with extraction economies, such as the global south and rural North America, but also in urban, developed regions of wealthier nations. What binds these otherwise disparate populations is a growing discontent with “extractivist” promises of economic growth, national independence, and job creation offered by proponents of extraction industries. As the struggle continues, there have been some successes. Movement towards less hazardous, more regenerative, and equitable processes requires deeper knowledge of how extraction shapes existing economic, political, and social processes - as well as how these, in turn, shape or constrain viable alternatives to extraction.


To explore these broad areas, including mining and fracking, and all of their related infrastructure and effects, we invite community studies, practical workshops, film screenings, poster presentations, theoretical and ethical analyses, poetry, prose and puppet shows: all explorations of the extraction process.




Propose a session and invite others to participate.  All you need is a 100 word abstract.


Propose an individual presentation on your work.  All you need is a 100 word abstract.  We’ll form the actual sessions.


For now,

If you are interested in organizing a panel or workshop, or just an individual presentation, please send preliminary inquiries to Jeanne Simonelli (simonejm@wfu.edu).

Later, you'll be asked to send a title, 100-word abstract explaining the panel’s topic, and a list of potential participants. For workshops, also please specify what kind of facilities or resources you might need. For independent papers, please send title and 100-word abstract. More later on this!

For planning purposes, we would like hear from you ASAP , and to receive proposals before September 22, 2015. Participants will then be provided with instructions to submit to SfAA before the official October 15, 2015 conference deadline. ACT NOW!


Broad Areas to consider:


Extraction and Activism: Global Responses to the Failures of Resource Extraction Policies


Histories & Trajectories: How Extraction Pasts Shape Extraction Present


Making Sense of Extraction: Assessing the Risks


Community Studies: Effects, Impacts & Experiences


Alternative Futures


This year should be easier for those submitting individual papers, as there will be a button to click to indicate the TIG cluster you want to review your submission.  Just select ExtrACTION


We anticipate news of "New Mexico Day," to be held on the first day of the conference, featuring speakers and panel discussions from nonprofits, grassroots organizations, and independent researchers working on issues related to extraction industries in the region.  If you wish to participate in this please let me know NOW

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