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At the 2014 meeting we discussed creating an open-discussion, semi-structured TIG meeting for the 2015 SfAA Meeting. We mentioned possibly having several "discussion stations" where small groups could gather organically and discuss a particular topic. The idea being that by fostering in-person interactions surrounding pertinent topics we could further the work, deepen the conversation, and possibly build partnerships for further exploration.

So this discussion post is a type of online co-creation for the 2015 TIG on Business Anthropology. All of our input is necessary to create the best event.

Reactions? Thoughts? Concerns? Well, you know the drill tell us what you think – there has been very little thought given to this concept so please do not feel shy about criticizing it, questioning it, praising it, or recreating it. I look forward to creating a fruitful TIG together!


Kevin M. Newton

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I like the idea of having discussion stations at the TIG meeting (SfAA, March 2015, Pittsburgh). While this meeting is officially our business meeting, people attending the TIG meeting last year in Albuquerque expressed interest in having small groups where we could talk about our work, share ideas and get to know each other better. Gitti Jordan would be willing to host a discussion on driverless cars; I would be willing to do champagne. Perhaps other people would be interested in hosting discussions on other topics. If you plan to attend the next SfAA Meeting, please give it some thought. We'd love to hear from you. Thanks, Kevin, for getting us started on this.   




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