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I am an ethnobotanist working in a multilingual research institution in Japan. While some of our Japanese staff are engaged in themes that can be called applied anthropology, they naturally face communication difficulties when working outside Japan in English and other languages.

There is a real need for researchers - in anthropology and all other fields - to engage more proactively with interpreters, translators, editors and local publishers in order to transmit their research more effectively to a wider range of audiences, and in order to receive feedback from a wider range of audiences. I have created a website (network) that I hope will make such engagement easier: The Research Cooperative (http://cooperative.ning.com).

Although the research Cooperative network was not created specifically for applied anthropology, I believe that our forums and group pages could be very useful for applied anthropological research that requires communication across national, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. One of our aims is to support research-related communication projects within our group pages (if suitable organisers make the effort to introduce themselves), as well as supporting the academic publishing efforts of individual researchers.

Creating the Research Cooperative was also itself an exercise in applied anthropology: our site is aimed at supporting the long-term, inter-generational development of research communities on all geographical scales and in all working languages. My understanding of how people live and use language in research communities has been used to define the aims and develop the structure of the Research Cooperative.

Please visit the site and consider joining.

Best regards, Peter

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