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I'm currently updating my CV in preparation for life after PhD.  I'm doing the usual academic version, but I'm also trying to prepare an applied version for circulating to anthropological consulting firms, potential clients, and any other opportunities.  It occurred to me in thinking through it, that I'm not really sure what sorts of things I might highlight in such a CV other than the obvious work experience.  I was just curious how others think about and put together their CVs for different applied audiences.  What do you have in yours and why?  What do you think stands out?  How relevant is your teaching experience?  Do you narrow your publication list to your 'applied' topics or do you think it's better to show the breadth of your research and publishing experience?  Do you mix your applied and academic work or do you segregate them in separate sections?  What comes first on your CV?...I could go on, but you get the idea.


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