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We're starting an experiment that is designed in part to help prove the value of anthropology to
the design and business communities in a format that can be readily understood
and applied. http://ethnosampro.posterous.com/


The Ethnographic Sampling Project is designed to sample brief moments of life by tapping into
anthropologists and students of anthropology. Members of the group are given
periodic challenges (this week the conversation revolves around the
construction of St. Patrick's Day) to capture specific experiences and share
those experiences for discussion. The goal is to gain insight into human
behavior and consumer culture through a dynamic range of personal perspectives
and social contexts. Our hope is to prove a new, collaborative model for
ethnography we call "open" ethnography.


Once our community reaches 100 new members in a quarter, we will fund a $1,000 grant to recognize
the outstanding contributions of one member. That person must demonstrate the
value of citizen anthropology through quality content, relevant insight and
regular participation. 


If submitting images, create a photo essay or a photo story. If submitting video, it needs to be at least 90 seconds and have a thesis. And this week we want comments - you need
to tell us 1) what is going on 2) where it was taken (for provenience) and 3)
why it matters. In other words, what insight can we draw from it. Email your
results to: post@ethnosampro.posterous.com
or embed a link from Vimeo/YouTube. 

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