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CFP "Conservation, Epidemiology, and Public Health in Biodiversity Hotspots" panel SfAA Santa Fe 2017

Call for Papers

Panel:  "Conservation, Epidemiology, and Public Health Campaigns in Biodiversity Hotspots"

SfAA annual meeting in Santa Fe, March 28-April 1, 2017

This panel will generate dialogue between applied medical anthropologists and environmental anthropologists conducting research and carrying out public health outreach among local populations facing biodiversity loss and increased vulnerability to infectious disease.

My colleagues and I will present the results of our recent project developing a biocultural model of disease risk and perception of Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) in southwest Cameroon. Working in five villages in and around Korup National Park, a conservation effor that has had both positive and negative impacts on local communities, we are designing a proactive educational program and EHF preparedness campaign based on ethnographic interviews and observed patterns of bush meat hunting and trading before, during, and after the most severe outbreak of a zoonotic, infectious disease recorded in Africa.

Topics that contributors working in similar settings might address include:

Investigating relationships between biodiversity reduction and zoonotic infectious disease transmission

Implementing preventative health education and disease preparedness efforts in areas effected by habitat loss, deforestation, and reduced access to land

Conducting ethnographic fieldwork with populations whose vulnerability to "emerging infectious disease" is linked to natural resource destruction

Operationalizing culturally-mediated models of disease risk and perception in biodiversity hotspots

Assessing the health hazards and well-being implications of conservation efforts in the tropics

I welcome any preliminary inquiry. For consideration, please send a 100-word paper abstract and a brief bio by SEPTEMBER 1 to:  alexanderw@uncw.edu

Dr. Bill Alexander

Associate Professor, Cultural Anthropology

University of North Carolina Wilmington

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