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Below is a description of a panel I am proposing for this year’s SfAA meetings in Portland. I am looking for additional papers to complete the session. I encourage you to send a 100 word abstract if you are interested. Apologies in advance for the short notice, but please send abstracts for consider by 10/9/18. Papers will be selected and you will be contacted by 10/11/18 either way. You will need to register by 10/15/18. Please consider joining this discussion. 

Elizabeth Drexler
Michigan State University

Session Abstract
Speaking Truth to Power in a Post truth era

Anthropologists have argued that science and truth are socially constructed, but now, they are under attack in the public sphere. How do anthropologists and activists respond? How have knowledge claims been made in specific political struggles across time and space? How do students and activists understand the challenges and opportunities of justice projects in the post truth era? What can anthropological theory, methods and case studies contribute to preparing students to be critical global citizens; how is this reflected in our teaching and civic engagement work with students?

Please send abstracts for papers to bethd1717@gmail.com by October 9, 2018. Paper presenters must register online by October 15, 2018

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