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Digital Technology at the Grassroots

Katherine McCaffrey and Maisa Taha, Montclair State University


We are interested in papers that consider digital technology in practice. What are social experiences with everyday technology? How are people using technology in novel ways at the grassroots to navigate, negotiate, and redefine multiple roles? In what ways are digital technologies magnifying or mitigating larger structural inequalities?


Paper topics could include, but are not limited to:

-social media as a tool for cultural revitalization and grassroots organization

-ways that social inequalities such as race, gender, and class are magnified or mitigated by digital technology use

-novel use of technology by vulnerable/marginalized populations and the implications for policy

-ethnographic research into technologically mediated communication practices

-transnational uses of communication technology (e.g. social media, video chat software, etc.) to retain family, social networks, cultural identity.


Please indicate interest and topic immediately to mccaffreyk@montclair.edu and taham@montclair.edu. 250 word abstract and title due by 5:00 PM on Friday October 6.

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