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legislation/real cases of interface between projects in eletric sector x Indian territories

I am a Brazilian anthropologist, working on a team to set up guidelines for the relationship between projects in the electrical sector and Indigenous territories. We are starting this consultantship for the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Brazil. The results will be used as a starting point for discussion with governmental and civil society representatives, by the Ministry, aiming at a more systematic and encompassing approach to the matter.
At the moment, I am researching on legislation regarding this topic, and real cases in which this legislation was applied, in Canada, Australia and Alaska. The purpose is just to see how other countries are dealing with this conflictive area.
So, I am writing to ask for suggestions of where, and with whom, I could find information on this

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Dear Ines - I see you are doing some important policy work that has important relevance. My interest is not specific to your topic, but in the policy process in general. I am chair of the Policy Committee and I'm trying to identify anthropologists who will be attending the meetings in Merida next spring and who might be able to participate in a panel on how anthropological work has or can contribute to policy formation. I'm hoping to identify projects in which anthropological work resulted in positive policy change. Do you think you might participate? If so, please email me at merrill@u.arizona.edu. Thanks, Merrill




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